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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚜ Human Livestock ⚜ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans domesticated into livestock animals ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dehumanization ☆ Animalization ☆ Domestication ☆ Exploitation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Livestock humans are a human race domesticated into farm animals. They are considered as a propriety with no rights, identity or freedom. Just subhuman beasts born to be exploited and having a livestock life. These animals are raised for work force, reproduction, meat and milk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ✎✎✎ Blog made by Master Yaoi and livestock #987λ ✎✎✎ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All my blog is about human farming and transformation into animal. Photographs and drawings of subhumans domesticated as livestock. Commentaries on the breeding and raising of a human livesock race. Preferences for animal role play, pet training and livestock bondage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⛓ Search for Slaves ⛓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mutual Consent • BDSM • Safe and Sane ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are excited to be animalized and domesticated into a farm animal. You will be trained to become a brainless meat and serve as livestock. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adults. Submissives. Females and males. Novices or experienced. Training is progressive. Soft to hard. For sessions but also 24/7/365. Total dehumanization and loose of dignity until complete animalization. Personnal stuff inculdes lot of sm devices for a perfect domestication. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mind : Brainless, no human thoughts but instincts andanimal behavior. Body : No clothes, live as a nude animal without intimity and hairless. Outfit : Head harness, collar and chained cuffs, blind eyes, mouth gag. Marks : Nose ring, pierced tits and sex, livestock ear tag, brand, tattoos. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dehumanized : No speak, no human activities and can't use objects. Animalized : Basic animal life, on four legs, just eat, sleep, shit, fuck. Bovinized : Dumb eyes, sniffing nose, beast sounds, drooling mouth. Livestock : Domestic life, be hardly used and punished then stocked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here my ear tag system to identify a status of domestication in my herd. New [1] : Tamed status. Animal transition. Collar and cuffs, chains, leash. Soft [2] : Trained status. Psychic domination. Bondage, gags, blindfolds. Hard [3] : Domestic status. Physical pain. Whip, electro, nipple clamps. Definitive [4] : Livestock status. 24/7/365 animal. Tag, rings, brand, tatoo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here my brand system that show specific roles for livestock in my herd. Ear tag (α) : The best male as breeding bull. Free to fuck alpha females. Ear tag (α) : Pretty females as pregnant heifers. Seeded by alpha males. Ear tag (β) : Strong males as meat beefs. Masturbation and denied cum. Ear tag (β) : Busty females as dairy cows. Masturbation and breast milk. Ear tag (λ) : Atheltic females as pack animals. Chastity (clitoris orgasm). Ear tag (λ) : Average males as working oxen. Chastity (prostate milking). Ear tag (ω) : Uggly females as sterilized martins. Chastity (sodomy fuck). Ear tag (ω) : Weak males as castrated steers. Full chastity (no orgasm). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚜ My farm is located in North West France ⚜ ----------------------------------- ~Looking for slaves to domesticate into livestock~ -------------------------------------------------- ✉ Submit and Contact ✉ --------------------------- M.Y.